Chinese Parade Balloons

Chinese Parade Balloons for Sale and Rent

If you need giant helium balloons for your parade or event you may want to consider Chinese parade balloons. We have been purchasing giant balloons from the same Chinese manufacturer for years and have developed a relationship which allows us to provide superior products at very reasonable prices.

Chinese parade balloons
Chinese Parade Balloons for Sale and Rent.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for Chinese parade balloons.


You can usually provide you with a parade balloon you will own for the same price or close to the same price of a rental. Contact us early with your request so we will be able to have your parade balloon made in time for your event.

Send us your idea for your balloon and we will see how we can help. If you have a design or image please send that to us. We have stock designs available and can customize almost any giant helium or cold-air inflatable to make it special for your event.

You can accumulate a nice portfolio of giant parade balloons in a few years if you purchase rather than rent each year for your event. If you want to get ideas for your giant helium balloon take a look at this page on parades.

Chinese parade balloons
Own giant helium parade balloons for the price of a rental.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for giant helium parade balloons made in China. Greatly reduced prices, good quality and custom designs.

Email: for more information.

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Macy’s Parade Used to Just Let Balloons Float Off

on Thanksgiving morning in 1924 Macy’s department store in New York City held a parade to drum up business and publicity the theme was Christmas when shopping for gifts store employees dressed in outrageous costumes and walked six miles from Harlem down to the Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square accompanied by festive floats and animals from the Central Park Zoo the first parade ended with Santa Claus ascending to a golden throne above the stores entrance inviting thousands of customers to come in and shop the parade was such a success that it became an annual tradition some participants were less than enthused however the zoo animals accustomed to life in captivity often became cranky and irritable on the long march they were soon replaced by more pliable creatures massive balloon animals the first of which was Felix the Cat 1927 in a tradition that has since been discontinued at the end of each parade the balloons were released and allowed to drift away in the wind anyone who covered a balloon and returned it to Macy’s would receive a gift you

88th Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade balloons and floats

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Comus Land amusement park that’s right outside Boston here’s beagle balota Snoopy seventh incarnation as an inflatable character that makes in the record open reason Snoopy is smiling from ear to ear today it’s about to be a movie star yeah 20th Century Fox just made a major motion picture announcement it’s the first ever 3d CGI CNET’s movie it’ll be coming out about a year from now genre will nonprofit Sesame Workshop Sesame Street was just launched as 45th season hasn’t helping him to grow smarter stronger and kinder for more than four decades here listen growing is the cast from Sesame Street along with some of your favorite Muppets I’m strong and I’m always kind very smart because I used my mind three things that can’t be beat on Sesame Street always original red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger one of the largest balloons in this parade drive Power Rangers making their own in 2016 with a high-octane action-packed feature film that will reinvent the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger as you 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version of Ronald McDonald is 76 feet long and sports the world’s largest pair of ice skates extending a helping hand ready to embrace those in need our favorite clown is the official face McDonald’s and the nonprofit Ronald McDonald House Charities celebrating 40 years of providing a home away from home for millions of families in over 30 countries thanks to McDonald’s for their dedication to the overall wealthy anniversary SeaWorld plans to build new killer whale environments as well as funded new programs to protect ocean health devour SeaWorld personalities Julie we tip our hats out of this six story tall balloon joining the parade for the very first time there’s Maddington bear it’s in the shape of one of the most recognizable characters in children’s literature he’s muscling down the parade route to announce that this january the weinstein company will premiere the movie Paddington the Bears first feature-length film in theaters Boreanaz practicing were his arrival down the red 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